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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you bring baby goats to our house for a party?

YES! We can take our baby goats almost anywhere you'd like! We have taken them to corporate visits, baby showers, weddings, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, hospitals, retirement communities, schools, and street festivals.

Do you have baby goats year round, or is it just seasonal?

We have babies year round with babies 10 weeks old or younger almost all the time. Feel free to reach out to confirm how old our youngest little ones are.

What happens to the baby goats when they grow up?

When the babies grow up a handful of them will stay and live on our farm, but a majority of them will be sold to good homes as pets, brush clearers, or lawn mowers. They will not be slaughtered, we do our very best to ensure that none of our kids end up as dinner. Every goat that leaves our farm takes a part of our hearts with them. We love every single one of them, and we would keep them all forever if we could.

What can we expect when we come for baby goat therapy?

When you arrive you'll be let in through the gate into the barn area where the baby goats spend their time when they're less than a few weeks old or when the weather is cold or wet. This is also the area that you'll feed the rest of the herd from before you go through the gate into the pasture. Walking the pasture with our herd of goats, flock of chickens, peafowl, ducks, and two guardian dogs is one of the most peaceful immersive experiences You'll have the choice of exploring the farm, petting and visiting the adult goats, or spending some time in the baby goat pen.

How should we dress for our visit to the farm?

It is always cooler at the farm than it is in the valley. We recommend always planning for it to be cooler than you expect. If it has been rainy in the last few days we recommend wearing boots and clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. We always recommend closed toe shoes. Don't wear loose and flowy clothes, as the baby goats love to chew on them.

Do you sell the baby goats?

We do sell most of them to good homes as pets. We sell the boys for $150 and the girls for $250. We sell them at 10-12 weeks old, after they have had a good strong start and have been weaned. We don't sell bottle babies because we have had some that don't do well on the bottles after they leave us.

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