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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you bring baby goats to our house for a party?

YES! We can take our baby goats almost anywhere you'd like! We have taken them to corporate visits, baby showers, weddings, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, hospitals, retirement communities, schools, and street festivals.

How much space do you need to have the goats visit?

We need a 12 foot by 12  foot space to set up our baby goat pen.

Do you need a fenced yard to have the baby goats visit?

We bring a pen to set up for the baby goats, so you do not need a fenced space for us to visit.

Do I need to worry about the goats eating my garden or landscaping?

The babies won't bother your lawn, landscaping, or garden as they're still nursing or have just started eating hay.

Is there anything we can prepare to feed the baby goats?

The babies will still be nursing, and won't be adventurous enough to eat anything else yet.

Do the baby goats need to be set up on grass? 

No, we can set up just about anywhere you'd like us. We can set up on concrete, mulch, grass, or on a porch/patio.

Will the goats make a mess that needs to be cleaned up?

If we are set up on grass, mulch, or dirt there will be no mess to clean up. If we are set up on concrete, a porch/patio, or inside the goats will go to the bathroom while we are there. Our handlers are happy to set

How far in advance should/can we book the goats?

We often have availability a week ahead of time, but it is better to get us booked earlier to ensure you get the date/time you'd like.

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