Meet the Herd!


Chloe is one of our original does, she is a beautiful white with black speckles. She looks just like cookies and cream ice cream.


Lucy is our other original doe, she is a beautiful tan girl with moon spots. She has kidded once, and we still have her daughter Liza in the herd.


Liza is the daughter of Lucy, but she looks like a clone of her mom. They look identical except that Liza has beautiful blue eyes while Lucy has brown eyes. She may be the sweetest most friendly doe in the herd.


Violet may be our prettiest doe. She has an incredible buckskin pattern to her coat. She is a beautiful black and brown girl with striking coloring on her face.


Peanut is our first doe we had have her kids on our farm. She is a small sweet doe that has been an excellent mom. She has a deep rich brown coat.


Buttercup is the first kid we had born on our farm. Her mom is Peanut, and they are still as close as they were the day she was born. She is a beautiful black and tan buckskin doe.

Dr. Grey

Dr. Grey is a beautiful doe with a black and white roan coat.

Miss Scarlet

Miss Scarlet has a beautiful red and white coat. She is a sweet girl who had a beautiful set of twin boys last spring.

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